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Cornelia Golna
Iroi lãspusits

A novel in the Aromanian, or Vlach, language

(Translation of Tainted Heroes)
543 pp.
ISBN 978-90-826089-4-6
Price € 10,- (plus postage costs)

Iroi lãspusits is the Aromanian – or Vlach – version of Tainted Heroes, translated by Maria Bara. Aromanian is a language closely related to Romanian and spoken throughout the Balkans. This is the first book in Aromanian to be published in the Netherlands and a very rare translation in that language of a novel written in English.

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“Maria Bara’s Vlach translation clearly demonstrates that the Vlach language is on a par with any other language, that high quality literature can be written in Vlach. Cornelia Golna can be pleased: more than translated, it is as if her novel had been rewritten in the Vlach language.”
–Kira Mantsu

“Although she belongs to the Balkans only through her origins, and although she writes in English, I believe the author, on the basis of her two novels, is also part of that world, one of the most culturally productive of the last century. Seferis and Kazantzakis, [...] Danilo Kis and Kadare, Pamuk [... ] are benchmarks of world literature. I see Cornelia Golna’s works as written in the same spirit; no, this is not a value judgment, as for that, only time will tell, but an existential one.”
– Liviu Antonesei


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